Insurance Policy

You are an adventure sports over or n Adrenaline Junkie? Everyone’s idea of the perfect vacation may not be doing photography at hill station 0r relaxing by the beach sipping Beer or Cola.  For some, holidays are synonymous for such sports 8. Activities that push their adrenaline to next level.

But what does this have to do with insurance ?

Though Utmost Security & Safety Measures Are Maintained In Each And Every Adventure Sports; But Due To Increasing Surge In Popularity of Adventure/Extreme Sports — But People/Enthusiasts Are Skeptical About What’s 8. If’s In Case Of Any Associated Risks.Hence Having An Insurance Coverage Provides A Relief In Case Of Any Mishaps Or Any Risks Associated With Such Adventurous Pursuits(lf Any Due To Not Considering Safety Measures 0r Doing Activity Without Expert Supervision).

AXE Adventure Is The First Of Its Kind Service Provider Where Each And Every Outings & Adventure Sports Are Covered And All Members Are Insured, Thus Addressing The Needs of Adventurous Travelers And Enthusiasts.

For More Details Of The Insurance Coverage Do Ask Our Advisor/Support Team.